Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (VSMT) is a form of integrative medicine frequently used alongside traditional lameness therapies. VSMT, more commonly known as chiropractic, can assist with issues related to lack of impulsion, poor attitude, uneven gaits, neck, back and sacroiliac pain or even overall poor performance.

Spinal Manipulation is a form of manual therapy which can locate and improve joints with restricted motion or hypomobilities. Hypomobility refers to a decrease in the normal range of motion in a joint that causes irritation of the nerves and soft tissues due to the abnormal pressure points. Hypomobility is commonly found within the neck, poll, back and pelvic regions where it prevents the normal function of the spinal nerves. This interferes with the signals between the body and the brain.

VSMT is performed through the application of short precise thrusts in a non-invasive manner. This means chiropractic adjustments can restore joint motion and nerve function without causing substantial joint movement. This means VSMT is not a painful procedure and is often accepted well by the animal.

VSMT is used on a variety of horses. Performance, pleasure and geriatric horses can all benefit from VSMT. VSMT can also be used as part of rehabilitation programs for horses recovering from injuries.