Diagnostic Imaging

Palmetto Equine has some of the most advanced imaging equipment on the market!

Digital radiography provides the highest quality image, allowing us to evaluate not only the bony structures of your horse's legs, head and neck but also some of the soft tissues! Digital imaging provides superior ability to manipulate the picture to see all the details. Whether examining teeth before a dental extraction, hunting down the cause of foot soreness, diagnosing sinus disease, guiding an injection of the neck, or evaluating a lacerated leg, digital imaging allows us to fully evaluate skeletal injuries and diseases.


Our portable ultrasound unit was developed by the United States Armed Forces to diagnose soldiers in the field! Ultrasound is the best way to evaluate soft tissues, from tendon and ligament strains to wounds and draining tracts. It can also be used to help diagnose the cause of colic, to look for pneumonia or fluid on the chest, and to check for pregnancy!  In addition, Dr. Tracey has extensive experience in ultrasound guided procedures such as introduction of PRP and IRAP for tendon/ligament damage, and sacroiliac injections.



Endoscopy AND Gastroscopy allows us to evaluate the nasal passages, upper airways, trachea, esophagus, and stomach of your horse. Does your horse make noise when he or she breaths hard? We can help you assess your horse's airway so he or she can get all the air they need to perform their best! Do you think your horse has ulcers? We can scope his stomach and diagnose gastric ulcers! We are also able to scope a horse's bladder!