An eye exam is always an important part of a prepurchase exam!

An eye exam is always an important part of a prepurchase exam!

Whether it's your weekend trail partner or upper level athlete, feel confident you are buying the perfect match! A thorough prepurchase exam is not a guarantee but it will help identify existing and potential soundness and health issues with your new partner.

a Basic prepurchase Exam includes All of the following:

  • Heart and Lung Auscultation 
  • Brief Dental Examination
  • Gait Analysis 
  • Detailed Lameness Evaluation
  • Ophthalmic (Eye) Exam
  • Conformation Analysis
  • Consultation for discipline suitability 
  • Detailed written report that outlines all of the veterinarian's findings

Once the veterinarian has completed their basic examination, they will discuss all exam findings and help you decide how you would like to move forward.  Digital radiographs of feet, fetlocks, knees, hocks, and stifles can all be important parts of an exam for your potential new athlete. Bloodwork and genetic testing are other options we offer to ensure our clients have peace of mind while making their decision. Palmetto Equine is happy to design an exam that suits you and your horse, according to what you need and what you do!

Doing a prepurchase out of the area? Dr. Tracey offers consultations that can help our clients make informed decisions based on medical records and images from the attending veterinarian.